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Commercial Moves

Businesses and commercial spaces move too and Box and Dolly can help take the load off! 


No matter the size or type of company that you are relocating to, Box & Dolly is here to make the moving process for you as easy and worry-free as possible. We can help move everything from single office space to an entire warehouse. No commercial job is too big or too small for our experienced North Carolina relocation experts.

Full-Service Support 

Box and Dolly handle all moves the same - with care.  So commercial moves are no exception. We will take care of the entire moving process for you from start to finish.


Packing with Care! 

Specialized office equipment is often a concern with commercial moves. Computers, lab equipment, and other specialized pieces can be difficult to pack and even hard to pack right! 


Luckily your local North Carolina movers, Box and Dolly, are experts in moving sensitive equipment. This could include things such as lab equipment, medical equipment, and larger technical equipment. You can rest easy knowing that your company's assets are in the right hands.

Safe & Stress Free Transport 

Office spaces are often much larger than homes and will have much more to move. Box and Dolly can take the load off the drive as well! This is a service often overlooked but immensely valuable. Our licensed moving professionals will drive the big trucks from point A to point B. 


Get Back to Business Sooner! 

The biggest part of relocating your company is always going to be the concern of the downtime that you may experience. That is one of the greatest advantages of utilizing an experienced relocation specialist such as Box & Dolly. We have the expertise to minimize downtime for your company so that you can get back to business sooner. 



Once your items arrive at your home, our service doesn’t stop there. We will also unload your items by placing them exactly where you'd like for them to be placed so that you can start settling into your new home with a wall of cardboard box chaos blocking our new million-dollar view!

Commercial Moving Services

Box & Dolly

Box & Dolly is the premier North Carolina, Full Service Moving Company based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. They offer full service and a la carte moving services for both residential and commercial clients all across the State of North Carolina.

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